Noxbox - services all over the world with a single click

Noxbox - decentralized services platform

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Noxbox - blockchain service that allows you to obtain the service you need in the right place at fair price and at convenient time with a single click. Services market - drinking water delivery, massage, haircuts, manicure, food delivery, repair and construction services, plumbing and any other service that you might need.


Possibility to receive and provide services all over the world with a single click, as you’ve always wanted


The rating system based on blockchain will ensure high quality of services and high responsibility of the performers


Crypto currency will be used for payments for the services provided.

Services world of the future. World of Noxbox

At any time which is convenient to you, open the Noxbox application installed on your mobile phone (tablet, PC) and click on the Service Order button (1 minute), the nearest performer with high rating arrives at your place within 5-15 minutes and provides the service on a high-quality level. Payment by cryptocurrency is performed automatically (0 minutes) and the rating is updated (0 minutes).

Service received.

25 minutes of your time will be saved

That is the way it is going to work. And this is only one service

Why Noxbox? Our main advantages!

Rating is saved in the blockchain. For example, Consumer requested a service (let's say a haircut) and was dissatisfied, he post a low mark on the Performer, the data is saved in the blockchain. As a result ratings can not be hidden, changed or deleted. The Noxbox platform will be available only to performers and users with higher rating, that will ensure the highest quality of services

Biometric identification of the performers according to the geometry of the face and iris of two eyes. It will be impossible to register user twice and hide quality rating for provided services

Services on demand. The application shows Performers who are available right now, ready to arrive to you within 5-15 minutes. No need to wait for the processing of your request or call from the operator. You get the service instantly

Guaranteed payment. Smart contracts will guarantee the payment for Performer for provided high quality services

Fair price. In the modern world, many services have unfair prices, so you may pay a service price 2-3 times higher than its market value. The Noxbox platform will automatically calculate the price depend on demand and supply. You will always receive the service only at an honest and fair price

World without borders. Users can always continue to receive services while traveling in other countries

Quality assurance. Users of the Noxbox application can be sure that the quality of provided services is always high

ICO Structure

Token distribution


March 2018

First round of ICO
Token sale period is 4 weeks


September 2018

Second round of ICO
Token sale period is 4 weeks


January 2019

Final round of ICO
Token sale period is 4 weeks


August 2019

Rest of tokens will be available for Noxbox team after August 2019

Token emission

Internal currency of Noxbox applications
110 000 000 NBX. Issued
With no possibility of additional emission.
Decentralized exchange
Waves DEX

Funds distribution from the sale of NBX tokens

50% Development

40% Bonuses and and special offers

10% Marketing and promotion


Noxbox History

  • 2016 December

    The idea of convenient services

    We decided to use Google Cloud and to start working on mobile applications for Payers and Performers

  • 2017 September

    Decision to use crypto payments

    Seeing and understanding that the modern world is switching to crypto-currency payments, crypto currency was chosen as a payment system

  • 2018 March


    We are here now

  • 2018 March - 2019 March

    Development and launch of 3-4 services

    - Automatic price calculation depending on demand, supply and region of service provision.
    - Logic of payments and ratings is transferred into self-executing smart contracts.
    - Refereeing by vote of independent experts.
    - Biometric identification upon registration of users.
    - Translation into all languages of the world

  • 2019 March - 2020 March

    Development and serial launch of a number of diverse services

Join the Noxbox story!


In this section, you can make certain of honesty of our intentions and test our applications

Mobile application Noxbox for a Payer who needs service

Mobile application Noxboxer for a Performer who wants to earn money by providing qualified services

Application logic guarantees payment for Performer work and high quality of the service performed to the User

Personal crypto wallet will be created for each User.

Get it on Google Play Noxbox
Get it on Google Play Noxboxer

Our team

Noxbox parents

Nicolay Lipnevich

CEO, founder. Passionate author and architect with 5 years’ experience in system architect

Marina Lipnevich

Founder. Leader of the testing area with 3 years team lead experience

Dmitry Markevich

CMO, founder. Financier and successful businessman. Owner of Royal Hall, TechElectroCT

Alexandr Karpovich

Ethereum smart contracts developer with 4 years experience

Lubov Yatskevich

Investor Relations Manager

Tatiana Shamak

Social media and PR manager, SEO

Sergey Musaev

Waves platform functional specialist with 2 years experience

We are inspired by the idea of improving the world, saving the time of people all over the world, serving as a guarantor of service quality of and payments. We will do our best to fulfill our promises to the full extent and on time


Victor Scherb

CEO of mapping and navigation OsmAnd with 3 year of processing Bitcoin

Stanislav Lozichny

The Creator and Head of Qigong and Oriental Massage School

Vladimir Ninov

MBA, CEO Waves ICO Webcoin